FASHORY [fa­shor­ree, /fæʃɔәrriː/]

Started in 2015

FASHORY aims to be the go­to mobile app that allows its users to discover the perfect outfit to match every occasion in their lives in just a few taps. By merging the inspirational element of magazine editorials with the convenience of online shopping, FASHORY caters exclusively to contemporary working women by eliminating the chaos of offline shopping.

About Fashory App


Our Vision

Fashory is about the art of fashion, the fashion story. Fondly known as FASHORY [fa-shor-ree, /fæʃɔərriː/].

Fashory merges the inspirational element of magazine editorials with the convenience of online shopping. Catered to the modern working woman, Fashory provides outfit suggestions for every occasion from a portfolio of weekly editorials.

Founded in January 2014 by 3 female founders, Fashory brings an unique feminine approach to provide styles lovers with fashion inspiration, suggesting all to wear what truly embodies them, suggesting them to live their fashion.

Contrary to the common belief, the team believe that fashion isn’t superficial, beauty isn’t skin deep. That fashion can be meaningful and beauty can be empowering but true.