We know making resolutions can be overrated. How many friends do we know that sign up for gym memberships, determined to get in shape, only to give it all up by the time March rolls around? Instead of completely forgoing resolutions in general, we’re banking on making promises that we can, and want to keep.

01. Stress Less

Faced with tight timelines and impossible demands? Prioritize and break big projects down to small to-do’s so you don’t get overwhelmed. Remember to take scheduled breaks and have regular check-in’s with yourself to make sure personal growth is still aligned with professional progress.

02. Disconnect To Connect

Ever been out with a group of friends only no one is conversing because everyone is so fixated with their phones? Get rid of this bad habit and redirect energy into making real conversations with those around you. While we know how crucial it is to share certain moments on social media, maybe just make it a point to set aside your phone while having meals and actually talk to the person you’re with.

Illustration by Simplykei

03. Dress Well, Feel Great (really!)

We’re all about dressing for the job you want and looking every bit the part of the role you’re gunning for. Your outfits should be an extension and reflection of yourself, so while black is a safe option, do try to add more colors to your wardrobe. Dress to impress and everything else will fall in place.

04. Usher In The New

Take the time to pick up a new language or brush up on a hidden talent. You don’t have to become an expert in the subject overnight but it never hurts to pick up an extra skill or two. Who knows, maybe a fun hobby can develop into a way to earn some more cash on the side.

Illustration by Simplykei

05. Let It Go

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes you haven’t even touched in the past months (or even years)? Stop hoarding and make it a point to get organized by donating your pre-loved items to charity. Decluttering works on a mental level too – cut off all toxic friendships and relationships because anyone that drains you mentally is not worth your time!

All illustrations by Simplykei.