Over the past two weeks, FASHORY organised a school tour at the major universities in Singapore – namely SMU, NTU and NUS. We were out in full force to promote our Break the Stereotype campaign, held in conjunction with International Women’s Day on 8 March 2016.

Seeing as FASHORY is an all-women team, this campaign was the perfect way for us to reach out to the future movers and shakers of our nation and bring awareness to stereotypes surrounding women. (Go girl power!)

Our booth setup, featuring inspiring quotes from successful women from various industries.

Read more about them on One Dream.

In line with International Women’s Day, we’ve also launched a simple initiative, One Dream, to share more about the stories of women whom we find inspiring. We’ll be sharing more stories in the upcoming months, so do keep checking back and give us a shout if you have a story to share!

Visitors were encouraged to remove post-its that each represent a typical prejudice against women.

Upon removing all the stereotypes, an inspirational message, hand-lettered by sister duo WitxFolly, is revealed.

In the meantime, check out what the FASHORY team has been doing on campus!

The FASHORY team sharing passionately about the campaign, to both guys and girls. (We don’t discriminate, even if it is International Women’s Day.)

Credits to Citizen Pop, FauxFayc, GSH Conservesbelief
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Not forgetting Chiobucup, which drew the most curious glances.