When we’re so caught up in the everyday, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly puts a smile on your face. More often than not, it’s the smallest gestures that gives us a sense of contentment. Here are some ideas to last you a week if you’re diligent enough!

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  1. Lift your gaze upwards

It sounds kind of cryptic, but we mean it literally. Take time to appreciate Nature’s splendour, be it sunrise, sunset or the star-studded night sky. Who knows, you may even capture some Insta-worthy shots to upload on social media.

  1. Try something new

Be it a drool-worthy dessert you’ve been dying to try or a task on your to-do list just waiting to be ticked off, take a break from your daily monotony to fulfil your wish list. We heard that Pasarbella just expanded to Suntec City, which is steps away from Reebonz (Psst! Just a heads up, Reebonz will be making an appearance on Fashory real soon).

  1. Wear that one piece in your closet

You call it your fool-proof outfit. You always get loads of compliments when you wear it out. It brings out your strongest features. Wear it out with confidence and feel comfortable knowing that you look your absolute best. Check out Native Youth on our Fashory app for some comfy pieces that might just become your fool-proof outfit.

  1. Write down your positive traits

Stick them where your sight lands first thing in the morning, be it your dressing room mirror or your smartphone screen. That way, you’ll literally start your day on a positive note (pun intended).


From Left: Images courtesy of Daniel Food Diary, Native Youth

  1. Treat your parents to a meal

They’ve seen you through your ups and downs over the years and nurtured you into the fine human being you are now. Now that you’ve the means to give back to them, why not show you gratitude by taking them out for a nice evening dinner? Use the time to catch up on each other’s lives and you might even learn something unexpected!

  1. Donate to a good cause

Extend your help to those in need, in particular those who are less advantaged than us. SPD (Formerly known as The Society for the Physically Disabled), equips the people with disabilities with the necessary skills to integrate into mainstream society so they can live a more fulfilling life. As they say, happiness is not real unless shared. Let’s play our part by passing it along here.

  1. Call a long-lost friend

With the wonders of technology, land and sea can’t separate the both of you when all you need is a simple phone call. Or Facetime. Or SKYPE. You get the picture.


We could go on forever but here are some ideas to get you started!



The Fashory Team