The arrival of February usually means love is in the air! Whether you’re coupled up or enjoying being single, looking good and smelling fabulous is a must regardless of your dating situation.

The FASHORY team has put our noses to the test and compiled this selection of tantalising scents we can’t get enough of.

Rosabotanica by Balenciaga

With an eye catching bottle done in true Balenciaga style, it’s definitely love at first sight for us. The Rosabotanica is an interesting scent that is almost unveiled in layers as you wear it throughout the day. Underneath the spicy rose (of course), is a mixture of woodsy notes that leaves you smelling clean as can be. What can we say, we’re already sold by the killer packaging.

Love Story by Chloe

Inspired by the love padlocks on Paris’ famed bridge of the Pont des Arts, the name says it all for Chloe’s latest fragrance. Composed primarily of orange blossoms, this pretty perfume goes a long way for those who want their fragrance feminine and refined. Love Story is discreet enough for those close enough to take in a whiff of you without having to smell your arrival from a mile away.


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Jeju Green Tea candle by Innisfree x Soohyang

We’re throwing in a little bonus here – why not liven up your space as well with some aromatherapy? Innisfree, our favorite Korean go-to brand for all things skincare, has teamed up with K-pop celebs’ favorite scent specialist Soohyang for an exclusive line of lifestyle products. Don’t underestimate the power of a good scent to help you relax and unwind after a long work day. Too many choices and don’t know where to start? Innisfree also provides a handy guide to which scent better suits which part of your house. There are also diffuser and body mist options for those who prefer to not play with fire.

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Resurrection Aromatique hand balm by Aesop

Sleek store interior aside, Aesop has garnered a legion of loyal followers with its celebration of beauty products in its most natural form. With a strong scientific basis, Aesop’s crisp scents and fresh aromas appeal to the trendiest of the jetset crowd. This moisturizing hand balm has a slight hint of lavender and works great for hydrating cuticles as well, perfect for busy city girls who want their beauty products as chic as they are effective.

Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum rollerball by Fresh

Taking inspiration from France’s Champagne vineyards, the Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum recalls the subtlety of citrus alongside the sophistication of everyone’s favorite bubbly. Light and not overpowering, the rollerball version is super portable for toting around to use upon stepping out of the shower after an intense workout session at the gym to stay refreshed. Stock up on a few as it’ll definitely be a mainstay in your makeup pouch and make for great last minute gifts too.  

Featured image courtesy of parkncube, bottom image courtesy of Fresh.