With the festive season upon us, it’s easy and tempting to throw caution in the air when it comes to snacking on calorie-heavy goodies like pineapple tarts or love letters. While indulging once in awhile to celebrate with loved ones is completely acceptable, it’s easy to go overboard. Here is your cheat sheet with handy tips to keep in mind before reaching out for another serving of bah kwa.

Quick workouts at home

If you haven’t heard of her already, it’s time to start following Youtuber Blogilates’ workout videos. It’s great for those without gym access or for days when you’re strapped for time. Fit in a quick workout in between visiting relatives or easy stretches right before going to bed as a form of detox from the day’s hectic schedule. Download her Beginner’s workout calendar to get the most out of the routine.

Lemon water

Stay hydrated by adding a little zest of flavor to your daily liquid intake. Keep a few slices of lemon in your water tumbler and add sprigs of mint to stay cool. Or, switch it up with other fruits such as strawberries or cucumbers for different flavor infusions.

Chia seeds

Start incorporating this into your daily food intake, be it as a go-to snack or as breakfast to kickstart the day. Chia seeds are superfood that is high in both antioxidant and fiber, soaking up to ten times their weight in water, making them a healthy alternative to carb-heavy breakfasts. Soak it in soy milk for about 30 minutes for a smooth pudding like consistency. You can try out different variations by adding pomegranate seeds or soaking it overnight and topping it off with a mix of fresh fruits. Alternatively, add it into your favorite coconut water for a little something extra.

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Juice cleanse

Organic cold pressed HIC juice offers various flavors with quirky names to match. We’ve tried Heart Beet, which has all the usual suspects in an ABC drink (apple, beetroot and carrot) with a little upgrade in the form of lemon and ginger. A single serving is just slightly over 100 calories and will keep you fuelled for any long day ahead. Go all out and purchase a cleanse package to fully detox, but maybe save it for after the festivities.

Apple cider vinegar

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but we’re all for a couple of spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar for all its benefits as well. For those that can’t handle the level of acidity, add in a bit of honey into the mix.

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DIY smoothie

Skip the hidden calories in chain smoothie places and start making your own! Try this easy and healthy concoction for starters: avocado, banana, baby spinach, coconut water and optional protein powder depending on if this is a supplement or a meal in its own. Substitute for different fruits and veggies, the possibilities are endless!

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