We love Pinterest for their drool-worthy inspirational images and can’t help scrolling through their top 100 trending pins for ways to upgrade our fashion game this year.

We recommend sticking with a casual all-white jumpsuit or chic crop top by Thyine for those nails to really stand out.

Image credits: nudepink and purple.

  1. Coffin shaped nails: It’s a love-hate relationship when it comes to maintaining long nails, though, we must say we’re quickly falling for this vampy trend. Go for a more subtle shade, like nudes or earthy tones, to avoid looking like a Disney villain and keep the rest of your look clean and sophisticated.
  2. Mermaid inspired hair: Add a dash of color to your hair by channeling everyone’s favorite little mermaid. Ariel’s flaming red hair gets a fresh update in the form of various ombre shades. From a girly pink to shocking green and everything in between, find the perfect color that suits your hair length and skin tone.
  3. Capsule wardrobes: We speak of the minimalist trend but how many of us are actually able to bring this into our wardrobes? Take on the capsule wardrobe challenge by downsizing to the bare essentials and your wallet will thank you for it.

Let your new hair pop with a casual black look and rockstar-worthy eyewear by Neo-Ne

Image credits: 
blueteal and rainbow.

Featured image courtesy of Pinterest.