From fashion advice to career tips, we all have that one girl to turn to for any and every life event. We couldn’t have gotten through work crisis, breakups and family drama without these pals as constant pillars of support. In light of International Women’s Day, FASHORY has teamed up with creative sister duo, WitxFolly, for a series of beautiful moodboards to celebrate these inspiring women in our lives.

The Fashionista makes the sidewalk her personal runway and can pull off any of the latest trends. You won’t catch her without makeup or heels because dressing down is never an option. She makes a sport out of shopping and probably already has her outfits for the week planned out in advance.

We love our Fashionista because she is unapologetic in her diva ways but doesn’t mind loaning us a killer dress when we have a fashion emergency and need to impress. She’ll dish out fashion industry gossip, keep us updated on the latest runway trends and share where to scoop the newest limited edition goodies – our very own style adviser.

Moodboard courtesy of WitxFolly

Image credits (clockwise from top): concrete and marble textures via Pinterest, model image via Rinrata, sandals via Bally Resort 2016, and detail hair/earring shot via tumblr

The Sweetheart has an open heart, sees the best in others and always makes us feel loved. She’s the one who talked on the phone with you for hours post-breakup and kept you company through hours of chick flick marathon. Our Sweetheart is a total romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve and encourages us to keep on looking for Mr Right without settling for anything less.

A true girl’s girl, she has us coveting her dreamy style and is our go-to for first date outfit recommendations because she keeps everything simple and sweet.

Moodboard courtesy of WitxFolly

Image credits (clockwise from top): background textures via Pinterest, model image via Pleatation, and clay necklace and texture via MadeByOkru

The Party Girl is full of life and makes friends everywhere she goes so you can definitely count on her when you need to let loose for a crazy night out.Without a doubt, she is on the guest list of the trendiest clubs in town and can dance all night, even with five inch heels on. Our Party Girl knows a glass or two of champagne is just what you need to spice up an otherwise boring Saturday night and will keep you entertained with her funny anecdotes and wild antics. 

Need to make a grand entrance? Like a true rockstar, the Party Girl has an arsenal of leather skirts, flashy heels and statement sunglasses at her disposal that she’ll be more than happy to share with you.

Whoever these girls are, we love our friends for simply being the women that they are. Drop them a text or give them a hug the next time you meet; just a little something to show how much you appreciate them!

Featured image and quote courtesy of WitxFolly.

Moodboard courtesy of WitxFolly

Image credits (clockwise from top): green and pink folds via Axel Oswith, model image via Rika Studios, xoxo via Stocksy, ground detail via tumblr, and Neo Ne shades via Neo Ne Eyewear