You’ll never go out of style.

White sneakers are the fashion equivalent of the boy next door — seemingly ordinary but unmistakably alluring. You know you’re obsessed when you’d make a detour to avoid tainting them white kicks. And before you realise it, your other shoes have long been forsaken in all the boxes, and your white pairs are the only ones that matter. Can’t resist the urge to wear them everyday? Dance through 4 different genres with the following style collections hand picked for the white kicks-obsessed:

1. Modern Classic ---- white strapless eyelet dress nicole warne gary pepper girl white sneakers fashion lifestyle bloggers

Photo credit: Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne is a natural in melding styles from different times. The perforated dress gives the Dior’s “New Look” silhouette a modern twist made edgier by the plain white kicks. The sneakers’ effortless charm is accentuated by her wind-tousled hair and barely-there makeup look.

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The Sabrina Goh Tagan Midi Lace Dress (S$239.19) is the perfect piece to bring this look to high street. The streamlined silhouette gives a contemporary vibe to the look, along with the Maison Margiela White Leather platform sneakers (S$538.89). And yes, you can have it all — height, comfort, and style in a pair of shoes.

The IOSSELLIANI ‘Black Hole Sun’ earrings (S$203.43) bring just enough sass and colour without taking attention away from the monochromatic look. The Saint Laurent Beige Quilted Monogram Card Holder (S$294.44) is a stylish alternative to those bulky wallets, as you take this look to your exciting lunch with co-workers.

2. Futuristic Casual


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With metallic hues gracing the runway and the Met Gala this year, it’s the season to add a more futuristic touch to your style. White kicks is (again) the secret to translating this avant-garde look to your street wear. Jessie J’s sleek middle part hair, the gold choker, and the Alexander Wang perforated co-ord are perfectly balanced by the slouchy silhouette and the casual sneakers.

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The challenge: bring in more futuristic vibe while keeping the look effortless.

We set our eye on the comfy-meets-elegant Sabrina Goh Sue Flair Dress (S$154.07). To match the dress, we recommend the Marni Twisted Necklace (S$241.74) as a more feminine alternative to J’s gold choker. For a decidedly futuristic feel, carry your daily essentials in the metallic Alexander McQueen Cosmetic Pouch Case (S$274.07) and hit the road with the perforated White Leather Kobe Sneakers (S$472.22)

3. Colour Blocking with White



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White, off-white, and a third colour — courtesy of Kendall Jenner.   

Colour blocking does not always mean the clash of bold colours. It can begin with the reserved tension between the two shades of white, which then builds up with the addition of  a third, contrasting colour.

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The Celine Micro Luggage’s white, off-white, and blue combination (S$2,851.85) epitomises the subdued colour blocking technique. Accentuate the whiteness of the look by adding the Versus White Lion High-Top Sneakers (S$350)  and the Sabrina Goh Amelia Bare Back Dress (S$150.30) to the ensemble for a more minimalist feel. The low back dress exposes just the right amount of skin,  subtly adding another shade of colour to the mix. 

4. All-black (and White)


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It’s hard to talk all-black without mentioning Kendall Jenner. Her quintessential look consists of a black small-but-not-too-small bag, a mini black dress, and pristine white sneakers. Why opposites attract is always a mystery; but in the case of black meets white, we think it’s pretty clear. 

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The black sheath Sabrina Goh Jane Dress (S$165.11) is a comfy wear-to-work alternative to Kendall’s figure-hugging dress. To elevate the look, pair the dress with the edgy White Kent high-top sneakers (S$416.67), statement piece Au Revoir Les Filles Hunter Choker (S$346.67), and ultra-sophisticated Chloe Drew Crossbody bag (S$1403.70).