Oculus Quest VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

When it comes to VR games, the joy of playing them can’t describe in simple words because you will feel like you are in a different dimension. People are more interested in buying VR headsets than ever before. We decided to bring information about Oculus Quest VR Black Friday Deals 2020 for those who want to enjoy VR gaming at the next level. Many people search the black deals on the oculus quest, so we decided to gather the best deals from all online shopping websites.

Black Friday sales are famous for bringing tons of deals on various products. Considering the demand for VR headsets, there are tons of offers during this black Friday sale. The company launched Oculus Quest in 2019; it’s regarded as the best VR headset in the market. If you are interested in this product, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we reviewed Oculus Quest thoroughly and shared the best Black Friday offers. 

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Oculus Quest VR Headset64GB

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Oculus Quest 64GB VR Headset Black Friday Deals

The company released an Oculus Quest VR headset in two variants of 64GB and 128GB. Knowing the current demand of customers, which is perfect for buying a high-end VR headset, the company released the oculus 64 GB at an affordable rate. Since we shared the oculus quest sale black Friday deals, try to get the required information about this device in this review.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB Review

Oculus Quest VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

Oculus Quest has managed to offer all the required features in this VR headset that its competitors didn’t even consider launching at such a cheap price. The 64GB variant of oculus ques comes with wireless technology, helping you move without any worries while playing high-end games. The technology used by the Oculus somehow deserves appreciation because it comes with a snapdragon 835 processor, and it’s sufficient enough to play good VR based games. 

Insight tracking technology is used in making the Oculus quest, and it’s quite helpful to do movement using it. It automatically tracks your movement and helps while playing high-end VR games. The amount of storage capacity is 64GB, but you can still install some good VR games. One of the best things about using any VR headset is the full camera angle, and in this model, you are getting four-wide camera angles, which helps you to experience the gaming at the next level. 

One of the most shocking things that surprised us is that it offers a limited display refresh rate of 72Hz. Dual hand controllers are correctly built and let you enjoy action-packed VR games smoothly. The battery used by the company in making Oculus Quest is not a high-quality one. However, it can last for more than 3 hours, sufficient for playing any game. But if you are a hard gamer who gets into VR gaming quite intensely, you might have to go with the extended version of Quest. 

The Oculus quest’s overall body is built by using a high-quality fabric material, and it’s quite shiny. The design is attractive enough to make you fall in love with this epic product. The main object of building it without any wires helps you to use the headphones smoothly. Certain gamers enjoy playing games without any limits, and this device’s made specifically for those people only. 

Oculus knew the current market, and that’s why they decided to include the frame spacer in it. If you are a person who has glasses, then the frame spacer technology will help you to enjoy the Quest VR without any issues. Oculus quest black Friday cyber Monday deals help you to grab this device even at the lowest prices. 

Checkout video review of Oculus Quest VR Headset from here.

64GB Variant

Oculus Quest VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

The Good

  • Tetherless designs work perfectly. 
  • It supports some of the high-end top VR games. 
  • A shiny and attractive design helps you to use it anywhere.
  • It doesn’t require much space and can carry anywhere. 
  • It’s relatively the cheapest VR headset in the market. 

The Bad

  • Beginners might feel uncomfortable.
  • The display screen lacks sharpness. 
  • Wired headsets are relatively more powerful. 

Oculus Quest 128GB VR Headset Black Friday Deals

Oculus Quest VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

As we already mentioned, oculus quiet was released in basically two variants. If you are the type of person, who wants to experience the high-end VR gaming experience and discover the beauty of how virtual reality works, then you should go with the 128GB version of the oculus quest.

Since this model is more significant and offers a higher storage capacity, you can install various types of action-games without any issue. Many people have asked us about the oculus quest UK black Friday deal, which they desperately want for this product, and we shared it with relevant information. 

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

If we have to describe the oculus quest, we can say that it’s the combination of perfect design and essential features that most of the VR headsets failed to provide. The company makes the 128 GB version of Oculus Quest for all those who like to play high-end games, which usually requires a larger memory space. It comes with wireless technology meaning you don’t have to connect messy wires to play your favorite games. 

Just start the device and pick the game, and you will enter into the virtual world that you never experienced. The display screen provides the 1600 x 1440 pixels per impressive eye experience, and the sound quality is quite good. The dual hand controllers are quite remarkable and help you take action and respond quickly while playing the game. The technology used in dual hand controllers will catch the motion and intuitive feeling and will precisely move your hands into the game. 

The gameplay plays quite an important role when you want to experience the quality of this VR headset. If you are playing a zombie survival game, then you can sense the real zombies are attacking you from everywhere, and this VR headset has such type of experience ideally. Wide-angle cameras capture every moment of the game, and the beautiful design is like a cherry on the top of the cake. 

Smooth headphones will present your ear from any injury. The battery life of Oculus Quest is relatively low, but you can still play games continuously for more than three hours. You can connect it with movie streaming devices such as chromecast, Apple TV to watch some fantastic movies and get the VR experience while sitting at home. 

The oculus guardian technology used by the company made lots of buzz among the buyers. It is designed in such a way that you can discover the virtual reality world without stumbling upon the table or any other objects in your house. This technology can sense the nearby placed items and tells you to avoid such objects. Considering the price, you are paying for this VR headset; it’s quite an impressive device. 

128GB Variant

Oculus Quest VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

The Good

  • Easy to set up and doesn’t require much time.
  • The Guardian system helps you to prevent yourself from getting injured.
  • It provides a realistic and intuitive experience.
  • A shiny and beautiful design. 
  • Dual hand controllers work flawlessly. 

The Bad

  • The battery life could have improved.
  • It’s a relatively little bit more expensive than non-VR consoles. 

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How Does Oculus VR Headset Work?

One of the exciting things we observed about the people is that they want to get the best oculus quest for all-in-one VR gaming headset black Friday deals. However, very few of them know how this device works. Here in this section, we tried to explain in the most straightforward language how an Oculus VR headset works.

The Basic Mechanism

One of the standard terms you must have heard while reading any of the VR headsets is the HMDs. Like many companies, the Oculus VR headset is also equipped with Head Mounted Displays (HMD), meaning it can move the screen the way you want to move it.  The main object behind this feature is that the Vr headset gives you a perfect feeling of the 3D world. When you move your head, the display will follow you, making the overall 3D experience clearer. 

Oculus Quest uses two LED displays, one per eye giving you the wide-angle view of the game you are playing. The display screen in Quest can be adjusted according to your choice. If you want it far closer to your eyes, then make some adjustments and later play games. The two LCD screens featuring 1440×1600 pixels per eye gives a closer view of the objects in a game. 

However, the frame rate per second is relatively low in Oculus headset providing only 90fps. Even at this frame rate, you won’t face any issues while playing regular games. All of the VR headsets should have a minimum frame rate of 60fps to avoid the sickness. The build of this unique headset is done because people shouldn’t face any eye injuries. 

Head Tracking System

Oculus Quest uses a 6Dof (6 degrees of freedom) system built to measure the movement of your head and adjust the screen accordingly. So if you move your head left, right, down the screen will shift automatically. The 360-degree movement is quite helpful in playing action games where you have to move to every side constantly. Head tracking systems are quite crucial in VR devices, considering that the overall user experience will depend upon it. Oculus quest uses a fantastic head tracking technology that reduces the screen lag drastically and increases the gaming experience. 

Head tracking technology helped quest users to experience better sound quality via headphones. You can experience the in-game sound quality in a better way because of this system. The tracking system in this VR headset is quite impressive because the response given by dual hand controllers is good. If the VR headset is equipped with a low quality of head tracking technology, then there will be a problem in controllers, but that’s not the case with the Oculus quest. You can move the head quickly, and the display screen will not lag in any condition. Such things help while playing high-end games when there are multiple objects in front of the screen. 

The sound quality is improved in the quest because of head tracking. You will feel like the voice is coming from behind, every corner while playing the desired game. 

Motion Tracking Technology

Many people wonder how their hands in the virtual reality world move when they make any gesture. The technology of motion tracking has been vital in making oculus quests because the company used it to help people with various movements. The infrared sensor used in the VR headset tracks every move you make and shows you while playing the game. When you are fighting lots of zombies or animals with your bare hands, it’s the ultra motion sensors that are helping to do that. 

The use of motion sensors has been vital for VR headsets from the last few years, considering that many devices lack this essential technology. Oculus touch is the new system developed by the company and used in the Quest also. There are various sensors embedded on the hand controller that track your hand’s movement and connect it with the virtual worlds. You can move or squeeze your hands while handling the gun, and the oculus touch helps to observe the perfect movement while playing the game.

Eye Tracking Technology 

Eye-tracking technology used in the headset detects the movement of your eyes and adjusts the game accordingly. So when you use an oculus VR headset and play violent action-packed games, your eyes will identify the target, and the game will show you accordingly. If you move right, left, or any other corner, it will adjust according to that situation. One of the most underrated yet effective technologies is eye-tracking. The VR headset is designed in such a way that it will track the eyes, and the visual system will adjust the 3D world accordingly. 

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All You Need to Know About Oculus Quest VR Headset

Many people are interested in grabbing the best black Friday deal. Since every gamer who wants to enjoy the world of VR gaming will want to buy this epic device. But, before you do that, one needs to know all the necessary things about the usability of the Oculus Quest VR headset. 

What is the Oculus Quest Headset?

Oculus is the company that is owned by Facebook, and so far, they have produced various types of VR headsets in the market. The much popular, but criticized VR headset Oculus Go was not up to the expectations. However, the launch of Oculus Quest made all of the buzzes in the tech and VR industry.

Oculus Quest is the new VR headset developed by the leading VR technology company. You can use this headset to experience virtual gaming; wireless tethering helps you to connect with other devices easily. Also, the moment and the eye-tracking system helps you enjoy the 3D worlds more closely. 

The company used all of the essential hardware such as the snapdragon 865 processor, 64/128GB of storage capacity along with new technology sensors in this VR headset. Oculus made this device for those who are more into VR gaming or movies. 

How is The Design Of Oculus Quest Headset?

Oculus Quest comes with black head straps, which are similar to earlier versions of the VR headset the company released. The head straps are perfectly placed and can be adjusted accordingly. There is plenty of space given for internal hardware, which you can use while playing the game. Inside out tracking system used helps to adjust the screen according to movements. The overall body of the headset is made of fabric, and it’s quite shiny and attractive. 

Oculus Quest Uses Insight Technology

One of the best things about the oculus quest is that they developed the perfect tracking technology and used it. Insight technology embedded in the VR headset will scan the environment nearby you. It will include all the material items such as a table, chair, books, fan, windows, etc., and will present a 3D map version of that reality. You can see the objects far clearly in the VR headset that increases the gaming experience to a new level. 

One exciting thing you can do with this technology is that it helps you save the map of different places. So if you visit your friend’s home and want to play the game using that play space, it enables you to do that easily. The Guardian sensor is going to protect you from all the external objects. 

Oculus Quest Controllers Mechanism

The touch motion sensors used by the company to build this headset is quite impressive. The infrared sensors will detect your hands’ movement and will quickly show you the effects in the VR world. Oculus quest controllers are also made of this technology, which is helpful during an action-packed survival game where you need to move continuously. 

Oculus Quest supports what Types Of Games?

When a company uses much-needed technology and the right type of hardware, you get the best piece of material in your hands. Oculus Quest is a new VR headset that supports almost all of the  VR games. There are plenty of games on this device. However, the most popular type is shooting.

Players play shooting and action-packed games the most, and the devices are built in such a way that it helps people to enjoy them in any condition. Many famous games are being brought to the Quest by the company, and they are updating the list quite frequently.

Detailed Review Of Oculus Quest VR Headset

There are very few people who know how to pick the best products, especially during the sales of black Friday deals. When so many brands are competing with each other in terms of discounts, it becomes confusing for customers. So here we decided to share a brief review of one of the most demanding VR headset oculus quests. 

Those who are tight on budget or want to buy the quality product can quickly go with this product. Oculus Quest was released this year, and so far, thousands of units have been sold by the company. A shiny and impressive fabric body that comes in black color will make you fall in love with this device. The 6DoF system used in this device quickly recognizes the movement of the head. There are wide-angle cameras placed at each side of the headset, helping you give a clearer view of the object in the game.

Many people complained a lot about Oculus because they got the Rift headset. We would agree that Oculus Go didn’t meet the expectations. However, things have changed a lot; the company used the insight technology to embed the best motion sensors in this VR headset. You don’t have to worry about the movements because the dual hand controllers will capture every action of yours and will enhance the overall gaming experience. The one thing at which the company used to earlier lacked was the motion technology, and they overcame that issue with this device.

The hand controllers haven’t changed by the company, and they are the same as the Oculus Rift model. They slightly modified it and gave it a fancier design making it compatible with the overall headset’s design. You might face some problems while at the beginning, but you can play high-end games for continuous log hours. There were times when we felt uncomfortable for the time when we got the dual hand controllers. However, when we started playing the actual game, there was no issue with it. If you are an intense gamer who gets too much into gaming, they will advise you to be extra careful with controllers since they are also addictive.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched an oculus quest with a vision to sell this device to millions of people. However, that’s not happened, but the younger generation is quite attracted to this model. The price, if compared with other headsets, is quite low and affordable from every customer’s point of view. Even though the oculus quest is not a powerful device like the PS4 or Nintendo switch, there are still many people who want to buy a budgeted Vr headset.

If you are a beginner in VR gaming, then you will get impressed with head-mounted displays. You will get more than 90fps in the oculus quest, and it’s sufficient to play even the high-end games easily. Heads Traps used by the company are of durable quality, and there is plenty of space available for other devices to put in. You can adjust the head straps according to your head size, the design is ergonomic, and there will be no fatigue or neck pain. The company knows the value of a real customer, so they made a display with eye protection technology.

If the VR headset is used with a proper time interval, you can play the games without getting tired. Guardian technology makes things quite easier for every parent because it tells the nearer about the nearby objects. You will be completely safe from falling over a table or bump over any objects nearby. The 3D map of the environment in which you are playing will change when there is a slightly significant movement happening from your side. It’s the perfect device that you can take on a vacation and enjoy it with your friends.

At first, we had doubts about the compatibility of the high-end games, but after playing some sports games for more than four hours, we can firmly say it meets up to our expectations. However, there is some issue with the battery because it only lasts for four hours if you go with the bigger version. Oculus should have increased the battery capacity considering many gamers will be interested in this device. Still, it’s sufficient and can be adjustable when you are getting a VR headset within $500 when other companies are charging thousands of dollars for similar products. 

The wireless tethering makes things far more comfortable since you don’t have to connect it using lots of wires. Use wireless technology and connect the device without any fuss. Depending upon the customer’s preferences, they can choose to buy either 64GB vs. 128GB. There are plenty of games available in the quest library, so you won’t get bored when there is Quest.

The perfect display with a combination of required VR features will help you watch movies also. You can connect the Oculus quest with any streaming devices and start streaming Netflix movies. Usually, people buy this for playing VR games, but watching some good 3D films is also quite good.  

Oculus Quest 64GB vs 128GB Which One You Should Get?

The one thing that affects the buying decision is the question about which version of the quest is good. If you are the type of person who likes to enjoy some particular games for a continuous period and then can remove them from the gaming library, then 64GB is sufficient. When you have never played any VR games before, the oculus quest is the device for you. Some people would say that they need a more significant device for playing high-end graphic games, but honestly, 64GB will work in most cases.

However, when you have some money or there is no issue with spending a little bit more, go with 128GB. Here, the storage capacity is higher, and you will be able to store a higher number of games quickly. People often try to save some money buying the 64GB, which might be accurate, but that shouldn’t be the case. A person who buys the 128GB can use it for the long term, and there is no need to find a replacement for it. The choice is more like selecting between the oranges and apples, you will get the essential in every one of them, but it’s a subjective decision. A 128 GB device will last longer and can be used by multiple players without worrying about the storage capacity and other things. 

There are no changes in the features; all the essential features that you are getting in the 128GB variant will also be available in the 64GB version. The only thing it lacks is the storage capacity, but that’s okay, especially for all the beginners who have never experienced the VR world. However, we would advise you to go with the 128GB variant if you consider the benefits it provides.

Still, if you are confused between 64GB vs 128GB then you can check out this video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the oculus quest worth it?

If you are buying the first VR headset, you will love this device far more than anything. If we look at the price, then getting a VR headset at just $3999 is nearly impossible because so many branded headsets are already selling the same quality device almost at thousands of bucks. The features such as head tracking, motion tracking, and availability of reasonable memory storage help you enjoy the VR gaming experience quite well. Overall, the graphic quality of the games is outstanding, and you will not feel disappointed while playing any of the games. The most important thing is getting a wireless VR headset that requires no use of complicated setups. 

Every money you spent on this device would be worth it and gives you an enjoyable gaming experience, and because it comes in two variants that help you choose the method more perfectly. 

Is Oculus Quest powerful enough?

Performance-wise we can say that the oculus quest is good enough to put your money into. You are getting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in it, and the memory capacity varies from 64GB to 128GB, helping you to store reusable amounts of games. Many people have doubts about whether it’s sufficient to play the high-end games, and it’s built-in such a way that you can play any of the latest VR games comfortably.

The only problem is the battery life. You can’t play games for more than four hours because the battery starts draining quickly. Still, it’s sufficient enough to play the majority of the VR games quite comfortably. 

Is 64gb enough for an Oculus quest?

A VR headset produced by the Oculus quest got lots of positive reviews from the customers, and that’s because of the basic features it provides at a reasonable price. A 64Gb storage capacity is sufficient enough to play VR games more comfortably. People always think about whether there would be any problem if they go with the 64GB variant, but according to our experience, it works perfectly. If you don’t have any high expectations, then it’s perfect for everyone. The only thing you will have to do is delete the already installed games from the gaming library. 

Can you watch Netflix on Oculus quest?

Yes, you can enjoy binge-watching Netflix content for several hours without any disturbance. Oculus Quest runs on an android version, and it lets you use the streaming device for online streaming of movies or Tv shows. You can easily use the giant wide-angle display screen of the Quest to watch some fascinating film. The movie experience which we got was surprisingly good. The sound and graphic quality mesmerized, making you fall in love with the piece of engineering this device. So here, you have the option of playing VR games as well as watching the best 3D movies by sitting at your home and getting theatre experience. 

What is the best Oculus to buy?

Oculus Quest beats other devices produced by the same company because of some obvious reasons. Oculus Rift, Rift S, and The Go version are launched by the company and earned the much-required popularity in the VR market. However, Oculus Go was just a massive flop for the company considering the low quality of design and overall features it provided. The company made some necessary changes and launched the latest version in the form of the Oculus quest, which has beaten Rift and other models quite easily. So if you are confused about the device to pick, always go with the Oculus quest since it’s worth every penny you spend.

How many games can a 64gb Oculus quest hold?

Oculus Quest 64GB can easily hold up to 40 apps or games, giving you plenty of options to choose the perfect game for playing on a VR headset. The official storage capacity is 64GB, but if we consider the 4GB memory space the running OS takes, you are left with only 60GB of actual storage. It can still add plenty of games from the gaming library, and you will not face any memory issues with this device. The majority of the users who buy the Oculus quest are beginners or don’t want to spend lots of money on a VR headset. So considering those situations and the price, 64GB of storage is quite good. 

Does Oculus quest require WIFI?

YES, since the oculus quest is a wireless device, you will have to tether it with the nearest wifi network while setting it up. The setup process is quite easy, and you can read the manual instructions given on how to use the oculus quest for downloading the games. There should be a prepper wifi connection available in your house for installing high-end games or apps. For basic instructions, you can turn on the VR headset, and it will prompt you to choose the wifi option from the toolbar, click on it, and select the desired wifi network. For streaming content from Netflix or downloading games, the device needs a high-speed internet connection. 

Is Oculus quest discontinued?

NO, it’s not discontinued by the company. There is a high demand from every country for the oculus quest. The company is running out of stocks even during the pandemic situation. If you are going to order this device from an online site, there is a high chance that it shows you to pr-book it. Facebook has decided to launch a newer version of the oculus by the end of 2020.  But, it’s been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. So if you cannot place the order, wait a few days and get it during the black Friday sales of 2020 since the company is getting a massive discounted sale. 

Can the oculus quest get a virus?

NO, the oculus quest is just a peripheral device; professional hackers can’t hack it with any code. You will not face the problem of hacking or anything while updating the OS or downloading the games.

Will the oculus quest be on sale for black friday?

YES, you can buy the oculus quiet through some of the best deals on black Friday 2020 sale. If you are that type of person who always waits for black Friday or cyber Monday sales, then there is a high chance that you can get this device for quite low. There are many duos cuts on the famous games which you can add to your VR games library. So please wait for the upcoming black Friday and grab it at a discounted price. 

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Final Words:-

These are some of the best Oculus Quest VR Black Friday Deals 2020 that will help you grab the best VR headset in the market. Even though many companies are trying to build the best VR headset, Oculus has already done with an affordable price. You cannot expect many things when you are spending not so much money and getting the required benefits from a VR headset. We brought these deals for every gamer, and there are plenty of discounts on the games you buy during the black Friday sale.

If you want to build a substantial gaming library, try to buy the games with this device since you will save tons of money during this cyber Monday sale. People often get impatient and don’t wait for the best time to buy. However, this year’s Black Friday is going to be epic, considering there is already a massive demand for oculus quests. So book the device in advance and grab it when others are not paying any attention to it.