Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

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Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset Black Friday Deals


Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset
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Review of Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset

Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset Black Friday Deals

While the title Aukey might not ring any bells, then the concept of a 4K VR headset for PC gaming and 3D films sounds amazing. However, is it too rough? This inspection will dive to the particulars of the headset.

The apparatus connects via HDMI for a PC and has power from a USB port. The computer software is only Windows compatible, however, the device might be utilized at a non-VR manner for a screen on any working system.The Aukey Cortex is still an intriguing and challenging VR headset, that’s the very first of its type to encourage 4K resolution. It’s a highly effective display along with a proprietary program shop. Additionally, it is compatible with the Oculus Rift games console. It is pretty lightweight and comfortable and includes alternative over-ear cans that plug into two sound jacks on the device.


  • Isn’t observable, 4K is a large help in this section.
  • The match is great, and it is not too thick.
  • It seems premium.


  • The program is horrible.
  • There’s a huge level of lag when gambling.
  • The cans do not possess the best sound quality.
  • The gyroscopes possess a fantastic deal of input .
  • There’s not actually a great deal of 4K content accessible however, and most matches will probably be unplayable at 4K VR.
  • There’s not any focus adjustment.


The apparatus definitely feels exceptional. It is well put together and contains a slick look in it. The cushioning feels great, and the gadget is about as thick as the additional big-name cans on the market. The cans are comfortable; it is simply too bad they do not sound far better. The plastic nosepiece might be a issue for a few if it is resting right on the bridge of the nose. Many clients have complained about it.

You will want a Windows PC to get the maximum from the headset, since the motorists are just the composed for Windows. The drivers, but are dreadful. There are problems finding them installed that lots of individuals have confronted and they have a tendency to be somewhat glitchy. Hopefully, upgrades will mend this.


You will find a power switch and menu buttons throughout the top. No additional controls are given this headset. It is intended you will utilize a mouse and computer keyboard or purchase another controller to be used with your PC games.

The screen itself is nice. The 4K 60 fps screen looks great, and at the issue of viewing the pixels also clearly is solved. On the other hand, the picture quality suffers a little bit. Near the borders of the apparatus, the picture quality seems to fall, and it is also somewhat darker than a number of the contest. Additionally, it is worth noting that acquiring 4K VR in matches will be almost impossible for contemporary names, as leaving just one 4K picture at a reasonable framerate is problem enough to your beefiest GPUs available on the marketplace. It could possibly be that this gadget is a bit before its time.


Installation is really a nightmare. The computer software is tricky to set up and needs one to disable your anti virus. Additionally, it does not want to understand this apparatus, which is actually annoying and might make you try a number of times to make it functioning.

As soon as you do get this up and running however, you are going to be treated to additional issues. The computer software encounters crashes, also it does not have much to give anyway because they mostly only let you utilize the Oculus shop on the VR games.

User Experience

A client was not satisfied . He said a reduced viewing angle and bad picture quality. He explained the sound and fit were nice, though.

He lashed out in the dreadful software crashes and installation while working. In addition, he said that it is not flexible for myopia, an odd oversight. Additionally, it has a restricted FOV, ” he explained.

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Last Words

All in all, the Aukey Cortex 4K VR headset has been likely a little ahead of its own time. In attempting to package because buzzword”4K, then” they dropped out on too a number of the additional excellent control aspects. The picture brightness and quality are all sub-par. The computer software is barely usable. The construct can be a touch better. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that it is exceptionally difficult to play game titles at 4K VR, maybe impossible oftentimes. It is very probable that there is a fantastic reason Oculus and HTC chose to not utilize 4K panels. The surplus pixel density and also the buzzword just are not worthwhile, at least not yet.