Elegiant VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

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Elegiant VR Headset Black Friday Deals


Elegiant VR Headset
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Elegiant VR Headset – In-Depth Review

Elegiant VR Headset Black Friday Deals

The sum of those VR compatible programs and films will only grow as time continues.

All these 3D VR Glasses possess a remarkable attribute that could enable you to correct the Pupil Distance and Focal Distance. This is to acquire the ideal 3D immersive experience when viewing your favourite 3D movies and games or movies.

You won’t have to be worried about having a stiff neck or a deflecting feeling whilst using this gadget. It’s a flexible design which lets you sit where and however you desire.

Its soft leather texture round the facial mask region and soft mind strap supply you with comfort and endurance. Certainly, you’ll have the utmost expertise whilst using this gadget.


  • Cozy Layout
  • ImmersiveFlexible and adjustable headband is Acceptable for different Individuals
  • Adaptive and adjustable headband is Acceptable for different Individuals
  • FD and PD Modification Purpose
  • Control and Utilize Collectively
  • Larger Displays Provide a Much Better Sense


  • The chance of inadvertently pressing the buttons while still putting your cell phone from the headset due to the little bit of light that comes into while wearing it.


Even the ELEGIANT 3D VR glasses possess a soft leather border round the facial mask along with three flexible straps that you’ll be able to adjust so in addition to a superb face foam shield that alleviates the strain over the bridge of the nose. These eyeglasses match the iPhone (6s/6s also, 7/7 and ), Android telephones (Galaxy Notice 3/4, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge) along with Windows phones using a display size of 6.0 inches. The advised telephone dimension is 4.7-6 inches. The maximum width and length of this telephone are all 154mm x 82mm.


All these 3D Glasses will permit you to watch videos without the necessity of having a distant since you’re able to tap the display and receive it playing before shutting the screen . Some downloadable programs also utilize a digital mouse, and that means you simply need to move your mind along with the pointers will probably follow. Nonetheless, in VR style you won’t be in a position to touch the display and will want to use the control to play matches.

The lens can also be made from high heeled optical resin, with no stimulation vinyl sheets, also contains an optimum resolution screen of 720 x 1080 megapixels.

You may simply experience a minimum distortion of pictures once magnifying them providing wider perspectives of view. It’s likewise quite user friendly, since the ELEGIANT 3D VR Glasses are acceptable for both Android along with iOS apparatus with 4.0-6.0-inch displays.


To set up the 3D VR glasses, then pull on the switch button near the peak of the headphone and open the top cap. Open the installed Program Client and after that enter into the left and right double screen port. Then insert your cellular phone to the device and fix the centre line of your mobile phone.

To guarantee comfort when wearing the unit, correct the 3 headbands into the most comfortable manner. If you happen to encounter fuzziness or dual pictures, adjust both student distance switches on peak of the gadget.

User Experience

Users of those 3D VR Glasses adored the built-in cans which arrive with it that supplies them with a listening experience that’s void of their echoing.

The headset also has volume controller that permits the user to quickly adjust the audio level. The system allows to get a snug enough match, just a very small quantity of light becoming, which reduces total distractions.

Though many users have whined about nausea in case you don’t own a queasy tummy or movement sensitivity it is possible to anticipate a enjoyable experience.

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Final Verdict

Without draining your pocket, you’ll experience a completely new degree of enthusiasm without compromising comfort. This gadget is designed to make sure your security and comfort as you immerse yourself in the 3D realm of pleasure and enthusiasm.