Freefly VR Headset Black Friday Deals 2020

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Freefly VR Headset Black Friday Deals


Freefly VR Headset
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Freefly VR Headset – Detailed Review

Freefly VR Headset Black Friday Deals

The Freefly VR headset out of Proteus VR Labs provides among the greatest areas of view in the marketplace (120°) without sacrificing assistance for contemporary smartphone apparatus . We were not certain what to believe of all of the daring claims that Proteus was producing about the apparatus, therefore we chose to have a look . We analyzed the hardware in addition to user reviews of this Freefly VR headset to make the fairest inspection we can. This gadget is definitely geared toward advanced users, thus we kept that in mind when did our study.

The majority of the machine is devised around entirely passive components that operate much like any other Cardboard clone. The sound and capacitive sensors utilize your mobile’s onboard electronic equipment, therefore that these will be more or less passive too for many intents and purposes.

By applying superior technology and also an exceptional fit and finish into conventional Google Cardboard technologies , Proteus created a product which matches a fairly big gap in the business. Though the Freefly Mobile is still a higher-end VR headset, it is still simple to use and will not conquer users across the mind with many attributes or choices to make.

Offering among the greatest areas of view in the marketplace (120 degrees) and 42 millimeter lenses, also the Freefly VR headset defeats other favorite googles such as Oculus Rift (100 levels ), Google Cardboard (100 levels ) along with Samsung Gear VR (96 levels ). And the additional 20 levels make the distinction, certainly enhancing the feeling.


  • Offers among the Maximum FOV worth Available on the market today
  • Offers Simple access to the Headset jack to Create Sound Links Simple
  • Tested with Each official Google Cardboard Match on the Program Shop in the time of Launch
  • Does Not require an external controller for Gambling
  • Really light (12 Oz ) and Comfy


  • Problems with the lens attention along with the sound port
  • May take some getting used to prior to the control strategy is second-nature
  • It cannot be utilized while wearing glasses


Freefly headsets utilize many modern smartphones involving 5.3-6.5 inches (equally iPhones and Android). But remember you’ll require an open headphone jack to utilize the sound system. Some consumers report that the place of the jack in their telephones makes it hard to plug in the sound port in.

Many people discovered the design comfy to use, however, as the perforated padding molds to the contour of the man wearing it. Gamers, specifically, appreciated that the generous variety of vents installed in the sides which help keep the facial skin from getting too tired. That may be an issue for people who perform for lengthy amounts of time along with different helmets.


Google Cardboard devices normally arrive with a Bluetooth control or just ask that you eliminate your smartphone every time that you would like to utilize the gadget. Proteus installed Crossfire capacitive signature activates about the Freefly so you can work directly using the telephone’s touchscreen rather than having another controller. Because of this, Freefly VR is among the best cans for matches such as Dead Zombie VR shootout plus much more.

This is particularly handy for owners of Apple iOS goods since iPhone users have experienced difficulty getting several of the generic Bluetooth controls to sync with their mobiles. Proteus’ own evaluations appeared to imply that the iPhone readily works on this method, although your mileage might vary.


Pushing one orange button on the front part of the smartphone to start it and snap your cell phone set up. It holds quite well and you need ton’t have any issues positioning your telephone given the sound jack winds up in the ideal location. Many users complain it is hard to configure the cans when their phone is not shaped correctly. There is actuallyn’t much to do outside this.

User Experience

1 constant criticism among consumers, like a single who had a largely positive review of this Freefly, is you can not correct the lenses the exact same way that you can with other Google Cardboard solutions. This truly strikes an otherwise good merchandise based on a different user too. It is this only gaping design defect which appears to prevent many customers from giving it a much higher score. Even a third person said that although the Freefly was actually habituated, the perspective it could be somewhat fuzzy when employing an iPhone 6s from the bay. Various users may finally have different outcomes.

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Final Words

While particular users whine about the sound jack and lens attention difficulties, there is no denying the Freefly goggles resolve many issues. It’s simple to command matches while still wearing them and also you won’t need to be concerned about setting a lot of configuration choices. If you have tried out a set of Freefly VR goggles, then we would really like to hear your view of those. Keep your eye out for much more of our specialist VR testimonials, and not leave your personal Freefly VR headset review in the remarks below.