HTC Vive Pro VR Black Friday Deals 2020

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HTC Vive Pro VR Black Friday Deals


HTC Vive Pro VR
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HTC Vive Pro VR Black Friday Deals

The very first time that I wore the HTC Vive. It was just like placing a century-old metallic diving match. It was a thick, thick hideous-looking 3D-printed ancient unit using a thick package of strings flowing out the trunk.

Looks are not everything, however. That model Vive delivered me down into the base of the sea to walk round to the very first time and I would like to delve a blue whale at the eye. The visuals were realistic; however, the motion monitoring and awareness of distance was astonishing. It made me view that the new possibility of virtual reality, such as a Star Trek holodeck come into existence.

While high-end competitions such as the Oculus Rift along with PlayStation VR provided a normal VR headset using head tracking, HTC and its spouse Valve chose to add two handheld motion controls and 2 movement tracking base channels you had to mount on your area. Rather than sitting on your seat and just searching around VR worlds, then the Vive enables you to produce around some 15 x 15-foot digital world you are able to walk round in together with your two legs.


  • Vastly enhanced ergonomics
  • Greater resolution displays
  • Constructed cans


  • High cost
  • Watches are just another $299


The very first thing that you will notice with all the Vive Guru is that it is a deep blue rather than the first’s all-black layout. While that is helpful for identifying the two, visually the blue color does not add much. The headset appears much bigger, however paradoxically, it is also considerably lighter. Its plastic case along with humdrum layout do not really differentiate it from several other VR cans, but present Vive users may observe the differences. Rather than a continuous work in progress, this headset feels just like a completed product.

In Use

The very first time that I used the Vive Guru, it took a couple of minutes to find out how to correct its head strap correctly. After I got that sorted, then I discovered immediately that it match more firmly (and more smoothly ) compared to first. It is less front-heavy since the Vive, that could damage the bridge of the nose once I wore it overly long. It is similar to the PlayStation VR — a massive headset that is still comfortable to use thanks to a wise ergonomics.

While enjoying Duck Season, I managed to determine where my remote goals were more readily. And flying round the world in Google Earth VR felt much more immersive than ever previously. However, while the experience is significantly far better than the first, it is not just a day and night — it is definitely not sufficient to justify updating to some costly new VR headset in the event that you currently have one.

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Final Verdict

I provide HTC some charge for repairing the majority of the issues I had using the first Vive. But in the present time, the Vive Pro is not a must-have update, particularly with no accessories. Its pricey pricing cements that this is not a headset intended for many people — it is something for VR programmers and designers that need the very best hardware available on the industry straight away.

Everyone else will be better off using the Vive, or only waiting until HTC declares an entire Vive Professional kit with brand new accessories after this season. Just do not anticipate this to be cheap.